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Angry Brazilian Paparazzi Defaces Justin’s Graffiti


Remember this masterpiece that Justin painted on a graffiti wall in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil yesterday? You can see it below. It’s the red one right in the middle. Cute ain’t it?

Here’s DJ Tay James’


Well guess how they look like now:

justin-bieber-graffiti-brazil-paparazzi-2013 justin-bieber-brazil-graffiti-paparazzi-2013

Yah ain’t that guy in red just lovely?

He is a Brazilian paparazzi who claims that while trying to get shots of Justin last night painting the graffiti he was attacked by JB’s bodyguards. So to make himself feel better he returned this morning and covered the graffiti with white paint.

Too bad. So many fans could have enjoyed it.

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  • Nicole

    The most childish papz I’ve ever seen in my fucking life.

    • A

      Don’t judge him he was just trying to get pics like any other person would. So shut the fuck up

  • rara

    Stupid! Brazilian Papparazi! It’s an honor to their country that one of the pop start painted on their graffiti wall! why he did it?! He’s stupid!!!!

  • claire walters

    i love justin