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Justin Bieber DID NOT go to a Brazil brothel after all!

These were the pictures seen all around the world this past few days. Justin covering himself with a bed sheet to shield from the paparazzi as his bodyguards escort him to his car in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. All the media outlets focused on the tattoos on his left arm to prove it was indeed Justin under there.

As a fan since the very beginning it was kinda confusing to be honest. My heart felt heavy. In a way it was hard to accept that the JB we’ve all grown to love as a 15 year old boy is now turning into an adult.

But the situation really didn’t make any sense because he of all people knows he would be photographed everywhere he goes. If he ever wanted anything there are always more private ways to get it. So how could Justin make such a mistake?

As it turns out, the mistake wasn’t made by Justin but rather the news outlets that are reporting that Centaurus was a brothel (for headlines!) when in fact it’s more like a bar for gentlemen.

Multiple sources tell E! News that the 19-year-old visited a Rio de Janeiro nightclub called Centauros and we’ve heard that two female employees left with him and his entourage—but we’re also told that the club isn’t an actual brothel, as some media outlets have chosen to label the place.

It’s more like an “old-fashioned gentleman’s club,” a source describes the scene to E! News. “It is not over-the-top nice, but it isn’t sleazy, either. It has a dance floor. For what it is, it is high end and it’s not cheap to get in there. There is an entrance fee. Playboy types go there and local businessmen and tourists.”

Sounds like your average Hollywood club in many ways…

Even though brothels and gentlemen’s clubs are both made for guys, the difference in the 2 are huge. Brothels are places where sex happens in rooms and gentlemen’s clubs are made for guys to hang out and have some women accompany them for fun and drinks – not sex.

A source close to Bieber tell us that he just thought that he and his crew were visiting a private club.

Centauros is “like a bar and club [combined],” the club source adds. “The girls that work there—some have clothes on and some kinda don’t…They are all in there to make money. They don’t work for the club.”

Expect the media to blow things out of proportions whenever it has anything to do with the Biebz.

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  • Tonya Howell

    I know better than to listen to the media whenever it comes to Justin because they are just looking for anything negative to say about him because he does so much good. I don’t care what they tell us I know better whatever he does he always tells us the truth outright on twitter, n his music etc but the truth is always told no matter what. When he makes mistakes he owns up to it he has never denied when he made a mistake. They should focus on the positive the bs just sells papers, n makes Beliebers love him even more.

  • Kirstie

    Bahaahaa you little teenage girls can be so dumb sometimes.
    “A bar for gentleman” same freaking thing as a brothel just a classier name for it. Either way it really shouldn’t matter. He’s 19 and wants to just have sex with no strings. Let’s face it he can’t really go out and pick up any girl for that reason. They all want more than just sex because he is justin bieber.

    • Tonya Howell (@LADYT120173)

      Definitely he is still a young man with his schedule sex with no strings attached is what he has to do for now. If he did not he would stay upset, stressed out & hurting because no sex for a young guy is not they same as a female who can wait & make it boys, men get blue balls so to keep them focused & determined they have sex. So get real if he did not need or have sex I would wonder wouldn’t you? He is Justin Bieber he cannot go anywhere or do anything without being mobbed with love & wanting autographs etc.

      • Kirstie

        Haha exactly! Agree with you 100%.
        Even us woman can’t go that long either. We are just smarter about it lol

  • AA

    Centaurus in Rio is a legit brothel. Period.

    • Anonymous