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Selena Gomez posted a picture today of Justin today smiling behind the wheel of an Audi on her Instagram and said:

“This smile is because of Carly Rae Jepsen.. We have not stopped listening your song girl!”

The song they were listening to in the car is by Carly Rae Jepsen who happens to actually live very close to me in Mission, British Columbia (Canada). She placed third on the fifth season of ‘Canadian Idol’ and released her first album Tug of War’ in 2008. Her new album “Curiosity” is coming out and “Call Me Baby” is the first song to be released on the album. They play this song our local radio here all the time!

Carly saw Justin and Selena’s support for her song and tweeted back:

“Can’t describe how flattered I am,” the Canadian singer-songwriter replied. “Thank you @selenagomez and @justinbieber for the love. Xo.”

Here is the song…

justin bieber cheerleaders staring

Justin Bieber checking out Raptors Cheerleaders in Toronto.

I thought this was gonna happen again! Where there’s Justin Bieber and cheerleaders, you know there’s gonna be photographers around waiting & ready to take a picture of that moment when Justin just stares away at the girls with his wondering eyes. You know it’s gonna happen. This should be no surprise since they have already caught him here and here.

Justin Bieber could not stop smiling while Ryan Butler tries to get one last look

No wonder JB loves watching basketball so much 😉

justin bieber toilet instagram

“Keep it clean haha” - Justin Bieber on Instagram

OMG this made me crack up so hard! Justin posted this on his Instagram. He must have had to go poopoo during the Raptor’s game tonight at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto and had to use the public toilet there.

I try to avoid the public toilets at all cost. But seriously who doesn’t do this? I only put a ply on the left and a ply on the right. Don’t really need the ones in the back like JB. But he forgot something really important. He needs to put some plies of toilet paper IN THE TOILET. Wouldn’t want any surprises splashes!


haha what’s your favorite funny moment?


Hilarious! Justin did another promo for his Someday Perfume Dream Shot where you can upload your picture and put it in that picture frame you see in the video. Go here to try it out.

See the first video: Justin Bieber is looking for you at Starbucks

selena gomez wardrobe malfunction spanx

If you’re looking for the hidden camera video: OOps! There was a hidden camera in Selena & Bieber’s bedroom

Oh my goodness. How unfortunate. This is kinda embarrassing for Selena considering she’s only 19 and not at all fat. On December 1 Selena performed at Jingle Ball in Sacramento, California. The performance was great but I guess it must have been really windy because the wind blew up her tutu dress revealing that she wears spanks to look skinnier. You can see it in the picture on above.

And this isn’t the first time she’s been caught wearing Spanx because she’s done it before:

Another Selena Gomez Spanx wardrobe malfunction

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