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We know Justin very well. And we know for him to swear at Disneyland and especially at girls and with his family around it must mean he was quite mad at the girls that were taking the pictures. They harassed them all day at Disneyland and Justin simply had enough.

An eye-witness has come forward to give us a better understand of what went on that day and why Justin lost it…

“She was following them around for a while and Justin asked her nicely if she could leave them alone and then, she really started to antagonize him. First, she called Justin names and then started saying cruel things about his younger brother and sister. That’s when he lost it! She really upset him.”

Why would you make fun of Jazmyn and Jaxon? They are so young and adorable. These girls making me extremely angry right now. Who does that? And I hate how some sites are saying that Justin was swearing at fans. They are the opposite of fans. They are haters!

In JB’s defense, an inside source from his team has issued a statement and said that Justin “regrets swearing but he doesn’t regret defending his family.”

“Justin’s a good kid, but he’s not a robot. He’s a tough kid. He actually grew up in the housing projects in his hometown of Stratford, Ontario and he’s a scrapper,” says the source.

“Justin grew up being a boys’ boy and a boy not to be messed with. Has father, Jeremy Bieber, is actually a trained mixed martial arts fighter,” (who competed in a UFC-life Muay Thai league), “and he trained Justin in how to fight,” says the source. “Justin’s a good guy but he’s not a cookie cutter and his instinct is to defend his family.”

Good on him for telling them off. B*tches!

Justin Bieber flips his middle finger at Disneyland on Valentine's Day

Justin Bieber flips his middle finger at Disneyland on Valentine's Day

Well I guess JB’s Valentine’s Day with his family and Selena wasn’t as perfect as we thought. Guess they must be bugging him big time. Justin was caught not only flipping the middle finger at a girl but he also told her “Fuck You!” lol <3 You can see him flip his finger as he’s going into the ride with Jeremy while Selena is sitting in the front seat.

These girls are not fans and have been harassing them all day.

UPDATE: Here’s a picture of them from the front. You can see Selena Gomez sitting in front with Jazmyn. And Justin and Jeremy are in the back seat and Jaxon is sitting on JB’s’ lap. They look so cute. This could have been a great day :/

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