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A video compilation of Justin’s funniest moments from 2013.


Justin Bieber’s funny faces!


@justinbieber: Funny face on the way to my show in Sydney


@justinbieber: Lemme see ur funny face

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one-directioner-belieber-2013Have you ever heard an argument between a Belieber vs a Directioner? Ever read the comments in some Youtube videos?

Below is a video of two old British men doing a dramatic reading of an argument between Sophie Danze (a Belieber) versus Jilianlovesthebeibs (a Direction) found in the comment section of One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful” music video on Youtube on Oct 4th. The results are hilarious….


OMG classic! Someone mashed a bunch of speeches of President Obama and came up with this funny cover of JB’s Boyfriend.

If that ain’t enough Obama also does some Carly too!

Obama love Canadians 🙂

justin bieber battles jimmy fallon


Katy Perry grabbing Justin Bieber's Butt

Katy Perry

Katy Perry grabbing Justin Bieber's Butt


Katy Perry grabbing Justin Bieber's Butt

Justin Bieber's

Katy Perry grabbing Justin Bieber's Butt


OH HELLO! lol. Aww I’m so jelly. Katy Perry gets all the luck! 😉

UDPATE: Here’s a better pic so you can see how smooth Katy really is. Learn from the best!! 😉

justin bieber snl digital short

Ok this has nothing to do with a creepy dorm roommate. But what it does have to do with is…ahh…errrrr….wait I can’t say. It’s kinda well… well… I can’t say. lol. But yah its EPIC! ahahahaha too funny!