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A bodyguard in Justin’s security team has been arrested in Kauai, Hawaii.

Justin went to Shipwreck’s Beach yesterday to jump off the cliff there. A photographer was there snapping pictures of JB until one of Justin’s bodyguards approached him and demanded the pictures be deleted. When the photog refused, he claimed that the bodyguard, Dwayne Patterson, assaulted him and damaged his camera.

The photographer was not hurt but Patterson was booked for third degree assault and 4th degree criminal property damage and was released on $3,000 bail.


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justin-bieber-cliff-jumping-hawaii-2013Before heading to New Zealand to continue the Believe Tour Justin and his crew dropped by Hawaii for a little bit of relaxation. Cameras caught JB there yesterday as he prepares to jump off a cliff.

Pictures: High Quality Pictures of Justin Bieber in Hawaii Nov 20, 2013

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justinbieber selenagomez kissing hawaii 2011


God I feel like such a stalker watching this video. The kiss is at 1:23.

They kiss on the beach. They kiss on the sidewalk. They kiss in the bushes. They kiss on the deck. They kiss on the jet ski. And now they kiss in the sky. If a picture turns up of them kissing underwater I think I give up.

Btw I made up my mind. I think the Jesus tattoo is real.

justin bieber selena gomez makeout




Sorry everyone who gets upset by looking at these pictures of Justin and Selena in Hawaii but I just added another 45 pictures to the Hawaii album.