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Everyone knows Justin is hugely talented but it takes a well organized marketing plan to make him this huge this fast. The following is a long article but definately a must read. 

image from www.bsckids.comJustin Bieber mania has arrived.  With the release of his new album, My World 2.0, and a sure thing #1 debut, many people are wondering how it happened.  Teen phenomenons can certainly happen fast, but rarely without the help of a Disney show in recent years.  By my rough calculations, after the first week sales of his new album are accounted for, Justin will havegrossed approximately $15 million in total recorded music sales, not including ringtones, streaming revenue, T-shirts or posters in less than 9 months.  And that’s just in the United States.  For a music business in “trouble” and an artist aimed clearly at teenagers and below, this is a success, especially because the train is really just leaving the station.

So the question is, how did this become so successful so quickly?  There’s been plenty of other artists who have been released in the same timeframe that can’t count this level of success in this short of a period.  What made it work?  There are a lot of specific elements in each song which I’ll detail shortly, but readers of Futurehit.DNA know the answer lies in Chapter 7 of the book.

Look at this time frame of songs being released:

  • APRIL 2009 – Release of “One Time” single
  • JULY 2009 – Release of “One Time” video
  • AUGUST 2009 – Release of “Favorite Girl” YouTube Video w/Taylor Swift
  • OCTOBER 2009 – Release of “One Less Lonely Girl” single + video
  • NOVEMBER 2009 – Release of My World 8-song Album
  • JANUARY 2010 – Release of “Baby” single
  • FEBRUARY 2010 – Release of “Baby” video
  • MARCH 2010 – Release of My World 2.0 Album
Did you get all that?  In a world where many people are in the game of milking singles for all they’re worth, Justin just kept releasing content.  A new official video has been released every 3 months.  Two album releases.  18 total tracks have come out.  All within 9 months.  Considering that most artists are at a pace that’s nearly twice that, it’s not surprising that Justin runs rings around them.
And this all occurred by focusing on the fan and constantly feeding them content rather than just chart positions.  The first two singles didn’t crack the Top 15 on the Billboard Hot 100.  And Justin’s biggest hit, “Baby”, reached #3.  Meanwhile, #1 songs are regularly engaging in much less commerce.

And Justin’s songs regularly engage in a Futurehit.DNA formula to engage his young audience:

SHORT INTROS (Chapter 1)
image from farm3.static.flickr.com“One Time” has a 7 second intro.  “One Less Lonely Girl” has no intro.  “Baby” has a positively long 14 second intro.  Yet both “One Time” and “Baby” make use of Justin utilizing an “ay” and “woah”  vocal during the intro.  Since Justin has a young higher pitched male voice, one could make the argument that he is creating a distinctive vocal right from the get-go so you know who’s singing.
LONGER SONGS (Chapter 2)
Justin Bieber’s songs are hardly epic with lengths of the singles ranging from 3:30 to 3:50.  However, considering that Ke$ha’s big hits don’t even reach 3:30, he’s definitely competitive in his category.  Regarding length, Justin’s songs actually fall right into the range of the majority of Top 100 songs at the moment.
There’s not a lot of chord changes going on in Bieber’s hits. However, he puts the dramatic changes where it counts.  I often talk about the need to change things up around the two minute mark, and Bieber does this regularly.  In “One Time”, the song drops all instruments except drums giving Justin a moment to sing acapella, which given his talent is very distinct.  In “One Less Lonely Girl”, a very distinct key change occurs.  And in “Baby”, there is a significant drop out towards the end of the 2nd verse that’s attention grabbing that then leads into the Ludacris verse.  Nothing earth-shattering, per se, but all effective in engaging the listener at a time that counts.
REPETITION (Chapter 10)
If there’s anything that occurs in Bieber’s songs, it’s repetition.   
And to hit the teen and tween market, it’s almost too obvious that this technique would be utilized.  The title of “One Time” is repeated 32 times in the song, with the word “one” used an additional 17 times.  A long song title doesn’t prevent “One Less Lonely Girl”  being repeated 39 times.  For “Baby”, they probably went for the world record with 55 mentions of the title.  Within the rest of the songs, there are numerous other instances of repetition to just add to the effectiveness of repetition.
Again, all of these elements and more contribute to the phenomenal success of Justin Bieber.  Towering above them all, however, is the super serving of the audience thru constant releases.  This is an element that can occur on any scale with any style of artist.  The more you keep momentum within your audience and the more you keep them engaged, the more likely you will succeed.  If more artists followed this formula, a $15 million US gross for recorded music would be a more regular occurrence.

Have you been Bieberized? 
Are you a Belieber?

You know you’ve made a giant splash in pop culture when your name is being used to formulate a new fan vocabulary, and that’s okay with Justin Bieber. In fact, it’s encouraged. The sixteen year-old YouTube sensation is gaining popularity through many different channels these days, and a world-wide Bieber fever is raging.

This soulful teen idol has already checked off a respectable amount of items from his to-do-list. After racking up over 10,000,000 views on YouTube just by word of mouth, he was signed to a major record label by the age of 14, and released his first album My World, at age 15. He also sang a Christmas song for the President and First Lady, opened up for Taylor Swift in concert, and is embarking on a large solo tour of his own, followed by the release of his second album My World 2.0, this spring. His first album, by the way, had four singles in the Billboard Top 100 before its release, an unprecedented achievement.

The only thing Justin may be better at than performing, is marketing. And making girls swoon, of course. You can tell a lot about a young man by how he treats his Twitter, and Justin’s Twitter is in overdrive. With over one million followers, he is perpetually trending, and has a captive audience — all of whom wait for tweets from their Twitterflirt about upcoming engagements, travel tidbits, musical milestones, and random fun facts.

When tweeted by one particular admirer, “Did you know that you’ve been Googled 1,136,000 times to see if you were single, LOL?” Justin replied, “and ready to mingle, ha ha.” There’s even a Bieber term for boosting record sales, as evidenced by his recent tweet, “got the word. Everyone Bieberblast iTunes all weekend long!!! Get BABY and NEVER LET YOU GO up the TOP TEN chart!!! thanks.”

And how is all of this sucess and attention affecting the young idol? He appears to be taking it all in stride, with a healthy dose of appreciation. “Can you guys tell I’m excited??? ha ha. 17 MORE DAYS!!! From a small town kid to this. I owe u all for lifting me up every time I’m down. thanks.” — another recent tweet to fans, referring to the upcoming release of My World 2.0.

As the Justin Bieber phenomenon continues, the self-taught musician with a 4.0 grade point average will continue to grow right along with his fans. So how, exactly, does a small town boy with a YouTube dream, reach the heart and soul of so many teens?

With Biebertalent, of course.


Justin BieberKevin Mazur/Getty Images
Why is Justin Bieber suddenly huge this week? He’s all over the Twitter trending topics. There are probably thousands of little boys who are just as cute and talented, but he’s getting all this attention!
—MRed, via Facebook
Like oh my god I KNOW, RIGHT? Why the sudden spike in Justin Bieber mania? Well, can’t be the fact that the 15-year-old Internet sensation was principal for a day at that incredibly lucky school in Covina, Calif.; that’s old news. And it can’t be that he’s huge among the juice-box crowd; that’s old news. And it can’t be his sweet personality; the hair-flipping singer is about as humble and polite as Kanye West.
So what can possibly…ah. Here we go. Mystery solved…
News just came over the transom that the kid is going to appear on Saturday Night Live on April 10 as musical guest.
Per MTV, Bieber will be one of the youngest musical guests ever to grace the SNL musical stage, next to HansenSilverchair and the Jonas Brothers. Bieber is already a huge Internet sensation; he was discovered via YouTube and is a regular on the iTunes top 10; he also scored four top 40 hits on the Billboard Hot 100 before his album even came out.
So for fans, the SNL thing is massive. The kids are screaming with ecstasy, just screaming.
So there’s that.
But it’s not the only factor making Bieber explode all over our Twitter accounts. Do not underestimate the power of those profoundly annoying quizzes.
At this hour, very real Twitter quizzes regarding Bieber include:
  • How Much Do You Have in Common With Justin Bieber
  • Who Is Better for You, Justin Bieber, Nick Jonas or Robert Pattinson
  • Justin Bieber Wants to Go All The Way, What Do You Do
  • What Happens If You Are at a Justin Bieber Meet and Greet
  • and my personal favorite, What Would Happen If Justin Bieber’s Mom Marries Your Dad
Still, not every Twitter mention for Bieber is positive at this hour. He’s also being paired quite often with another hot trending topic: #urwack.

So who are the biggest fans of Justin Bieber worldwide? Not the USA or Canada. Not even a European country or Australia. It is the Philippines! Yes, the Philippines!

I was just doing some surfing online today and came across something very interesting. Google has a service called Google Trends that allow you to see what topics are being searched and how they are performing in terms of  popularity. So of course I had to enter in “Justin Bieber” to see how popular this topic is on Google.(Google Trends)

The graph shows that Justin’s popularity took off around May-June of 2009 and has since seen a solid climb in internet popularity. But what’s most interesting is the information below the graph. It shows that the Philippines, on average, are more aware and interested in Justin than any other country, followed by Canada, the US, and Netherlands. What a surprise right?

In terms of cities of the world, Justin seems to be most searched by residents of Makati, Philippines, beating out Toronto, Richardson Texas, Montreal and Chicago. Can someone from Makati please explain to me why Justin is so popular there? Justin is such a popular search term from that city that it helped lift Tagalog (Philippine’s language) as the most used language in terms of search engine interest.

Crazy right? Just an interesting discovery about Justin I thought I should share with you. Are any of you surprised as I am? I swear my friends and I are the biggest Justin Drew Bieber fans in the world. I swear!

Anyways, check out the site link above and click your own country to find out some rather interesting statistics on Bieber Fever.

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