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Selena and Justin break up rumors because of “bad rap friends”

Teen lovers Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are on the rocks – because of his bad boy hip-hop friends.

The pair are taking time out after Selena, 19, ordered the clean-cut pop idol to ditch his new pals, The Sun can reveal.

It came after Justin, 17, arrived at one of Selena’s gigs in Florida last week with rap ace Sean Kingston, 21 – a former child burglar.

Justin's rap pals Lil Wayne & Chris Brown

Justin is also close to gun-charge former convict Lil Wayne and has released a track with R&B’s Chris Brown, who beat ex-lover Rihanna.

A pal of Disney star Selena revealed: “Selena told him to stop hanging with these bad people.

“She didn’t want Sean Kingston to crash her gigย but Justin brought him to concert in Boca Raton anyway. They had a huge fight and said it was good they were having time apart while she was on tour.”

But the next day Justin and Sean caused hysteria by cruising through Miami in an open-top Rolls-Royce.

A pal of Selena said she saw Justin in tears during rows with her. She said: “It’s hard seeing a little 17-year-old crying and saying he loves her.”


I don’t believe this story but if it’s true then omg Selena is absolutely horrible!

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  • Is this real? :O What the hell is happening to Selena? Nahh…

  • Say whatttt????!!!! this must be a ru-ru-rumor!!! I hate this!!! Im gonna kill myself if this is true ):

    • Anonymous

      Wow kill urself just bc of this. Smh no words spoken


    if she said this, then bitch go somewhere just because your his girlfriend doesn’t mean you can tell him who he and can not hang with, guys hate when girls do that

    • selenagomez

      why would you say causeing word like im selena gomez and sexy.

      • dontworryboutit

        Maybe cuz yhu ppl is juss mhadd cus he’s datinq selena gomez
        Now I did hear bout the choice of friends thing but I never herd of selena breakin up w/ him

  • mizz bieber

    selenas being a bitch
    he can friends with who he wants
    and that so awwish bout justin sayin he loves her <3

    • Lexi

      you cant just start saying stuff like that about her, you don’t even know if its true

      • Anonymous

        Ikr ppl this days

    • justin bieber

      hey sexy this justin bieber

    • justin bieber

      know she not she still sexy and sorry i just broke with since 8 month ago back to together and we had sex to it was smooth

      • ashely

        justin are you going to have a baby with her then you might as well have 6 with me sexy boy i love you come her to my house and will do it for 2 days straight i love you hump,hump ohh la la ohh baby

  • ashley

    lmfao then 2 days later hes wearing a shirt “fuck you and fuck her too” gahh i love justin seriously selena needs to calm down it’s his life not hers

    • stephanie

      haha thats sooo true lol

      • angelina

        hahaha true

    • Laura

      Omg yeah :’)

  • Me

    I don’t think it’s true.
    && even if it is, yeah she shouldn’t be TELLING him what to do. It’s alright for her to voice her opinions about something that bugs her though. You have to be open and communicate about that kinda stuff in order for a relationship to work.
    But Justin can stand up for himself when/if he needs to. =)

  • Nick

    It sucks she made him cry cuz he seems to treat her like an angel. But maybe he needs heartbreak to grow as a writer.

  • Mikayla

    he has given her so many things and spent so much money on her if this is true then thats really low.. she goes and makes him cry justins growing up and hes hanging with new people and as his gf she should let him.

  • Nicola

    i think she right , Justin has a good image for himself now , but we cant kno that hanging out with all them wont change him , and if he does change and starts acting like that it could end his career.?

    • Jokoya

      U need to shut the fuck up. Justin being acting that way. That’s the real hum. He been acting this way and he been listeing to tap music since he was born. He ain’t no damn little kid and selenas fake ass ain’t his mother. The only reason why u saying that shit is cause thir black and their rappers. To ya racist ass on somewhere

  • momal

    if dis is true she is such a bitch she have no ryt to tell justin whom he shuld be friends with

  • Anonymous

    If it’s true…GOOD ON HER FOR SAYING THAT! I can see that Justin has changed heaps since he met Chris Brown and Sean Kingston. He has to stay away from them.

    • destiny

      uhm no he hasn’t he’s known sean kingston since ennie meenie and he was the same justin and he’s known chris since then too, he’s just growing up, oh wow their rappers so now they’re a bad influence on him hum NOOOO! stop trying to find a excuse to say he’s changing cause he’s not. honestly selena’s changing too EVERYONE CHANGES

      • MoreBiebs

        Amen ^^ ๐Ÿ™‚

        • I love Jelena.


  • belieber

    WTF this is sooo not true!

  • Kate

    I don’t think this is true at all, Selena is not in control of Justin’s life, he can be friends with who he wants and why would he cry if she didn’t like his friends. It’s not his friends he needs to ditch it’s Selena!

  • Kate

    Also if they were rowing over this then why did she let him come to one of her concerts and sing on stage even though she hates being in his shadow, it makes no sense!!

    • Jokoya

      U dumbass justin sang at the cali show! The show they’re talking about is the florida show in boca rota. Learn to fucking read

      • Kate

        well, i’m sorry, but if she hates being in his shadow why does she let him perform!

  • Anonymous

    Ima be real the whole point of the shrine is to put down stuff that is true not stuff your not sure about. When you guys are puttin down stuff like this not knowing the truth its gonna make people hate selena even more for no reason. All I’m sayin is if your 100% sure it was said put it down if not then don’t. And I doubt selena would say something like this.

    • MoreBiebs

      Nothing that you hear in Hollywood is ever certain.. so if they just put down 100% truths… there would be nothing interesting on here.

      • Anonymous

        I know but putting this down is just making people hate selena for no reason.

        • ashley

          anonymous they put down things that other people put down, alot of sites have this, they’re just trying to keep us updated

  • jenna

    Omg another couple in Hollywood broke up… nbd ppl break up everyday bit when some big stars do its a big deal… they r teenagers let them grow up and make their own mistakes n part of being a teen-ager is falling in n out of love a lot so yea just my opinion

    • Nonamer

      I’m glad they broke up. She’s too old. He needs someone his age like Caitlin or Jasmine.

      • Xera

        She’s NOT that old! she still young, OMG!!! Who cares bout age anyway? There’s no age limit for LOVE! Thats the fact! ;P

        • Anonymous

          Ya age us just a number

      • Jokoya

        u need to shut the fuck. I am sick a got damn tired of dumbass little girls like u saying who the fuck he needs to date and wat age limit. Justin is fucking grown. YOUR parents aren’t th same age. Justins parents aren’t th same exact age. Selenas patents aren’t the same age. Nor is my parents the same age. So y’all need to stop making a big ass mother fucking uproar about selena ass. Shetwo years older than him. Big fixing deal bitch! So what? She’s not fifty. So shut the fuck u stupid ass girl. He even said on his private account. Yes PRIVATE ACCOUNT and I know his him and he’s proven it. If u ask him to follow on his justinbieber account he will and if u ask him to tweet he does. It took me a while to find it and he said himself hell date someone older than someone younger. He’s about to 18! He was a mature girl. Not one of u 15 yr old inmature fucks that cry about every damn thing and are star struck as hell. She is not old. So drink that big cup of shut the fuck up and get on with ur pathetic life.

        • aibucas

          you really need to calm down

        • ;D

          Your right! Calm dowwwnn…. Amen! LOL x)

  • Anonymous

    Stop being so god damn jealous!!!
    If you had a boyfriend who was hanging out with people you think are bad influences, you have every right to tell him that you dont like him doing that,
    and for her to tell him not to bring specific people to HER concert is also reasonable. give her a break.
    we dont even know if this is really whats happened.

    • just sayin


    • Jokoya

      Te only reason y’all think they’re bad influences is cause thir black. Stop being racist and shut the fuck up bitch

      • Kriis

        It’s not bein racist if their is proof and I thimk their is enough proof to show they r a bad influence

  • Justin Bieber SUCKS DICK.


    Justin Bieber was the who defied Selena’s wish and brought Sean Kingston to her concert. Look, it’s HER concert, she sets the rules, Justin broke them. Who wouldn’t get angry? OMG man, this website is seriously biased against Selena, and the author should just go and die. All you Selena haters should just jump off a building because Justin isn’t going to love anyone who hates on his girlfriend.

    That’s right, Justin HATES YOU. YOU RIGHT THERE.

    Go kiss some dick, haters.

    • ashley

      why are you sticking up for justin when clearly your name is “justin bieber sucks dick” lmfao

      • Justin Bieber SUCKS DICK.

        I don’t support Justin. He’s such an ass. Selena rulez! lmfao

        • Jessalyn

          Selena Gomez doesnt Rule you know who rules Michael Jackson & if you hate justin why are you on here i hope you know you just made him even more popular.

        • brandy

          Im you hate him then why are you o one of his fansites thats rrally stupid

      • Jokoya

        Actually learn to read dummy he put down justin in what wat was he takeing up for him?

    • Anonymous

      Thank you that’s what I’m sayin almost everything on here about selena is so negative.

      • just sayin

        I don’t hate on justin or selena but its true u guys just defend jb cause ur all obsessed with him but i bet if ur bfs started hangin with the srong crowd u would not like it either

      • Jokoya

        Hun I don’t like selena bitch fake ass so im not taking up for her fake ass either. So don’t u look stupid

        • Kriis

          Well not anymore stupid than u. I’m not hatin on peoples gfs jut cause I can’t be with them

    • Your an idiot!

      In that case Selena hates you for hating her boyfriend dumb fuck!

  • :)

    not true i’m sure selena isn’t like that

    • selena gomez

      i grew up im more meaner so shut da fuck up bitch

      • dear justin bieber shrine fansite blog 2011 , hi my name is david conway and my comments to here , and to this fakers off selena gomez poser just on this web site are you realy selena gomez on this web site , just because off , one reason why word pepole whats to watch you on tv on your old tv show of wizards or your motion pictures any more ,,, love david b conway

  • Nonamer

    Haha Justin has always been a badass. Its who he is
    He’s not some perfect little angel like you think.

  • Lilly

    Ok i really dont know if its true or not but if it is then Selena needs to let him live his life & be friends with whoever he wants to be friends with. She cant live his life out for him. She has her own life she needs to take care of & he has his. & i kinda wish they did break up. Justin is doing soooo many things to impress her & she doesnt do anything. She doesnt even buy him a gift or nothing. Its like he’s just wasting money on somebody who doesnt even buy him anything. Its just my opinion so plz dont hate me or whatever. Everyone has opinions & im just expressing mine in non-hateful words ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Anonymous

      I respect your opinion but we don’t know everything about there relationship. Selena probably does buy justin a lot of stuff but we wouldn’t know that on here cuz there always sayin negative stuff about her. For all we know probably all the stuff this shrine is sayin he bought her isn’t true.

      • kriis

        Wow so just cause he buys her anythin and everythin she should do the same??? Instead of spendin quality time together she should go and wazte her money?? I did noot know that to show alove wasting moneyas theway to go. ..
        if ur gonna express ur opinion at least be smart about it just sayin

    • sheisafamemonster

      Agreed 100%

  • Jessalyn

    IDK if this is real or not but if its true then she doesnt care for him all she cares about is her Squeaky Clean Disney Image.

  • dude selena has issues….she is making up excuses just to dump him…..

    • Anonymous

      She doesn’t want to dump him she luvs him. U guys should really stop talking shit about her cuz u doent even know her so go get a life of ur own nd stop saying shit bout Selena

  • MS

    i really don’t believe this. its so easy for someone on one website to make something up and then it just spreads and everyone thinks it is true.

  • princekyuhaesica

    i missed bieber so muchhhhhh……please update ur post always…keep browsing this page since this morning….i want new news about him…huhuhuhu..sorry my bad eng….arggghhh justin….

  • Anonymous

    Wow….this rumor just keeps getting more & more stupid….i dont think any of it is true, selena & justin are still together dumbasses

    • ashley

      no one’s gonna stop with the rumors until we see them together, justin left her concert with red eyes he looked hella tired like haven’t got any sleep for a week, when he got there in the beginging he looked happy

    • real jelenator

      agreeeeddddd the rest of you HATERS will just have to see when they sit together at the TCA’s

  • “It’s hard seeing a little 17-year-old crying and saying he loves her.”
    are you effing kidding me!? this is SO stupid.
    why would she say that!?

    • katy.

      ‘pal of selena’

  • kriis

    Wow some of u guys r really stupid. I know u like him and want to defend him but selena would be right to tell him to stay away. Hes hangiin out with people who beat their gfs who go to jail every secondd. Unless u guys want jb to end up like that than yea no wonder u like him. And btw just cause he buys her stuff doesnt mean she should be grateful thats his decision to buy her a lot of stuff shesnot tellin him to do it

    • tweetydejah@Yahoo.com

      Yea but no one has the right to judge anybody no matter what they did and yea chris brown did beat rihanna but he admitted that he was wrong and im pretty sure Lil wayne regrets going to jail

      • Sasha

        Ur right. I agree with you 100%. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Kriis

        I’m not judgin I’m goin with the pic of Rihanna face all beaten up and he only pron apologized so he wouldn’t end up goin o jail. If ur on Justina side u’ll defend h no matter war if ur neutral than I’ll respect ur opinion more

  • real jelenator

    hahaha wowwww guys this isnt true…but if u dont believe me thats fine u’ll just have to see when they sit together at the TCA’s

    • Anonymous

      i believe u but how would u know they r still together.?

  • Kate

    this fan site is not based on selena, we can say what ever we want and express our own opinions, but then i don’t think we should all fight, nobody knows if this is true or not, no one has any proof, even if they do look happy at the tca’s does not mean they are happy, she is an actress after all.

    • Sasha

      Took the words right out of my mouth. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anonymous

    not sure if i beliebe this but.. if its true, selena’s just a bitch for doing it, making justin cry! :0

  • Anonymous

    this is why i hate Selena. Shes a bitch. and Chris brown and Lil Wayne are AWESOME!

    • Kriis

      U “hate” her cause she with Justin not cause she’s a “bitch”

      • ashley

        dude some people hated selena before justin came in the celebrity world, i hated her tv show but i only disliked her, so stfu

  • Chelsie Bieber

    Well is it is then i guess we wil find out in his new believe CD bc if he is heart broken then he will probably have a song of it!!!

  • ...

    justin has given so much to her. if this is true..then she needs to stop being a prissy bitch. he can hang out with whomever the fuck he pleases. shes not his mother.

    • anonamous

      omigod i love what you just said…. holy crap im with ya honey

      • ...

        thanks..haha well its true..shes NOT his mother and she doesnt own him..

  • Rt.

    If this IS true then she needs too back off a little, maybe its good that they’re taking time out? But even if it’s true then she does have a right to voice her opinions, however, she doesn’t have the right too tell him he CAN’T be friends with them.
    Maybe being around them will help Justin mature, but maybe it will end with him acting like a d*ck all the time. Either way, theres nothing we can do about it- if he wants to hang with Chris and Weezy then let him. Its his life and his choices.

  • iya

    and another thing, can we all stop hating on Selena? most of you guys are probably just jealous that she’s with him. Anyway, no one knows if this is true or not, so lets all just be happy for them both until this is proven true?

  • Courtney Bieber 4everr

    awwwh he cried!? im not saying this is true but if it is aww thats so sad ik he loved her and ik his heart was gonna get broken someetime.. I thopught i was gonna be happy when they finally broke up but im actually on the verge of tears!!

  • anonamous

    SELENA dont hurt him please im begging you i love him so much please dont hurt him anymore….please!!!!!!! i love him to much to see him upset…i cant stand this please dont hurt him!!!! if he gets hurt so do i, i mean im crying right now too so please dont hurt him…please D*=

  • Courtney Bieber 4everr

    LISTEN UP!lol this is a big lie/rumor… If u dont believe looka t Selenas latest instagram pic :/

    • kate

      yeah he has posted a tleat two pictures on her account today, i don’t believe it.

  • sheisafamemonster

    And she’s not changing him. Yeah right. She’s stopped one less lonely girl, and now she wants to change who he hangs out with.

    • sheisafamemonster

      shes playing with his heart

      • I love Jelena.


        • Jokoya

          U dumb fucker. Chris don’t even know Demi. Lmao u everyting u said made u said made y look dumb as fuck and made no sense.

        • brandy


        • Katttt

          I agree^^^^

        • aibucas

          well now you look dumb as fuck because how do you know that he doesn’t know demi….oh wait you don’t!!!!!!!

        • ashley


  • rumor selena would never do that to justin

    • Jokoya

      are u selena? No so u don’t know wat the fuck shell do

      • just sayin

        R u selena causeu keep sayin shes fake and I’m guessin uv never even met her once. Derp

  • kayla

    they didnt break up they are toghether he posted two pics of himself on her intagram account http://populagram.appspot.com/user/selenagomez

  • selena gomez

    no body didnt suppose to know bout mi cheating on him

    • brandy

      Your so not selena gomez

      • selena gomez

        yes i am who cause u tell who i am

  • EtnaBieber

    He cried for her???Omg he really shouldn’t do that (I really hope this is true because I hate Selena for everything she does btw. she changed a lotttt)

    • I love Jelena.


      • Katttt

        Yah like seriously support JELENA as BELIEBERS we need to support them and love Justin and btw it’s NOTTTT TRUUEES selenas not that mean like seriously this is the dumbest thing ever this is how ppl make money!!!!! Wow support JELENA

        • Jokoya

          As beliebers we do NOT have to supper him fucking girlfriends u need to recongnize and shut the fuck up.

        • Katttt

          Ouch…….language sorry

        • just sayin

          anger issues much lol:-P

        • Katttt

          Hahhahaha yah ikr^^

  • Beth

    This article is nothing but inflammatory crap and has no real or credible sources….

    It’s just something to stir up drama. On the topic of Justin being friends with Lil Wayne and Chris Brown – it shows a bad image to his fans, and now subsequently to hers. He should definitely cool it off with those two. Kingston is a non issue.

  • Anonymous

    Hey , can someone explain me what happened . Haven’t understood ..

  • Anonymous

    I h8 this article, theres no truth to it.

    I <3 Jelena, she would never do that.

  • Tiffany

    im not going to say she is a Bitch or that she will never do that cause we do not now

  • Veronica

    I don’t believe this but if it is true Selena is right Justin is getting infuensed by lil Wayne( a killer) and Chris brown( who beat up his girlfriend) like for real Justin?!

  • anonymous

    lets not believe it so easly because people easly start rumors that celebs have died and they didnt but if it is true its none of are buisness i love them both

  • Amber

    Rlly r guys fucking stupid? This person that makes this site is just a hater. Selena and just obviously r doing perfect if third posing pics on instrgram. Plus Selena has nothing against chris if she went on a double date with him. Furthermore if she didn’t want Sean thure she didn’t have 2 let him in tie hur concert. Also who cares if Justin is spoiling selena that just shows what a great bf Henie and geneltemen. How many guys r thure loosened right now? Get a fucking life and stop making jelena look bad.nthe doing great. STTOP BING HATERS!!

    • Katttt

      Ya i agree i mean we rlly dont have a chance with him wats the likely hood well mete him we supone just let them be bf and gf and be hay there sรบper chute hes soooooo sweeet to her and shas done jogging wrong if u beleive this them wow ive never seen something so tupid whoever madre this up is stupid let them have fun and stop analyzing them all u haterzzzzz sport jelenaaaaaaaa

      • Anonymous

        I love Justin and Selena, i kinda agree with this comment but i think you are all too involed with “Jelena’s” life.. just back off and get on with your OWN lives!

      • Anonymous

        justin why do you like selena gomez cause shes mean i am 8

    • Anonymous

      fuck selena !

  • selene

    i think what selena’s doing is right.she just want the best things for justin,and if they break up,I AM SO HAPPY for selena

    • roehm

      good for your ass now keep the bs too yourself lol omg and fyi this is coming from a 14 year old boy take that bitch’s

      • Kiara

        Leave her alone ok…yea its her opion so get the fuck over it ok yeash stop saing shes a bitch and I dont give a fuck your 14…so shut the fuck up and leave her alone….

  • Sierra Mahone

    Nothing is happening to Selena!!!!! Justin is turning into those guys……as much as I love Justin it’s true…..

  • Katlyn

    CHILL. Teen Choice Awards Come On Tomorrow So then we will figure out cause they would got as a couple if they were still dating. its not the END OF THE WORLD. if it true.

    • Anonymous

      i know if its true then she was using him so shes horrible >:(

      • Stop calling selena names.

        No she was not..? Just shut up about it, okay? stop making all this stuff up. cause’ you really don’t know. and your just assuming. she is a really nice person. & you’re so dumb. they didn’t even break up… hahahha. rumor 100%

      • Anonymous

        no she’s not..stop hating her D:<


    okay well jb is almost 18 so imma say tht he rlly can do what he wants soooo yea i mean like girlfriends come and go but friends are alwayz there sooo yup preetty much and there goin be break ups and make ups dangit school starts in 1 week oh well

  • Anonymous


    • Mrs.Justin.Drew.Bieber

      Dude you are stupid as heellllll. He started changing when he started dating/being used by Selena. She told him to cut his hair, wear the earrings, and all the other shit. You’re a freaking dumbass if you actually think Justin hanging out with Lil Wayne. Gosh, some of you people are fucking retarted./:

      • I agree! Those guys didn’t change him but selena did! I’m not a hater bit I really think that she’s not good for him!

        • brandy

          I do to he was hangin out with them before dateing selena

        • Kiara

          Look in my opion change is good in some cases…

  • Anonymous

    ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL you dumb ass bitches are going to feeeel so stupid tomorrow when you see justin and selena walk in the teen choice awards together. this is a rumor… hahahhahahaha #dumb.

    • Anonymous

      They will not not walk together because it”s Justin”s foult also and selena is trying to warn him but Justin didn”t listen . I also don’t want Justin to become a bad guy his cute but his atitude isn”t nice.

      • Anonymous

        but why dont they break uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp

    • Anonymous

      arent you ddddddduuuuuuuuummmmmmmdbbbbbbbb

  • Anonymous

    Selena wasnยดt good for him. Itยดs good that they are not datin each other anymore. Selena is nice but she should date someone others ! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • sana

    so did thy break up?

  • ashley


  • nina13justin

    i love you justin!!!!! hope we meet in personal!!

  • saran camara

    heyyyyyyyy i love u selena and i know u did the right things:)

  • samantha

    They didn’t! On Teen Choice Awards they were together backstage and they were sitting together, AND Justin was supporting her while she sang ‘Love You Like A Love Song’. Oh and there were pictures of them being all couply backstage, SO NO, It was just another rumour ๐Ÿ™‚
    Love you Jelena ๐Ÿ™‚

    • hayley 8 cccccrrrrrryyyyyyy

      thats true they didnt i love justin i am i hollywood

    • Anonymous


  • kimberleyJoy

    seriously why is everybody making up roumers :S
    ok i dont know if its true but even if it is dont hate selena she just wants the best for justin and justin has only changed because he is growing up he is Nealy 18 and can make decissions for himself TBH its none of our buisness if they break up or not , its their love life we should just respect both of them !

    • Anonymous

      i totally agree but why would they break up of something so stupuiddd

  • Charisma

    justin can be however he wants too be, just because you don’t like what he does doesn’t mean he gonna care, he is almost grown, so he can make descision for himself, he doesn’t need his fans too <3

    • cheryl

      your right girl he can do what he want to he’s grown

  • durrr

    if my boyfriend hung out with druggies and ex convicts i would get pretty upset too. i think all you delusional fans need to put yourself in her shoes and see what you would feel if your boyfriend started hanging out with the bad crowd wouldnt you be concerned? i’m not even a fan of bieber or selena and i don’t follow them but i thought it was interesting that this was the cause of this break up. God, you people have to be more realistic

  • theoldandthewise

    Im neither fan of JB or SG, I really dont care. Im a little old to listen to them, but I know about them and I think its cute them together. As a girl, I know that the worse thing a girl can do is come between a guy and his friends. Especially a young guy like him, a guy and his career, or a guy and his video games. lol its just the wrong move. You absolutely catch more bees with honey. In my opinion, Justin is too family oriented, and too much of a Jesus freak (in a way) to do something VERY BAD. His friends wont change him if his personality is strong. If you have a strong character and of good morals then nothing at all will move you. Sean Kingston, Lil Wayne, an Chris Brown……ummm…? bad because they have a record or look scary….I think she is being a snubby, bradtty prep pretty valley girl and imature and needs to understand that JB doesn’t make music fr 2 year old girls (im being sarcastic) and not R&B music/POP like her moretalented bf. He reaches out to a different crowd, and his friends are different. But honestly I think it has nothing to do with the “REP” these guys have. I think it has to do wit the fact that these guys aren’t white, or look like they came out from Lord of the Rings Rivendale, and they dont flye with wings and harp and they dong wade and float with misty fog through water and a rainbow flying over them with pixie dust sprinklinall over the place. His friends should be the Mickey Mouse club house members..
    She needs to understand that she can’t choose his friends, like if she hangs out with Miley Cyrus (not saying she does) he can’t say nothing to her. And I love how people say “THOSE BAD GUYS” WTF thats retarded. How are they bad? Because they’ve made mistakes? Do you know them personally so you can cast out judgement? And how many of you go to church and followor believe in God, so you are going to sit there and cast judgement on already trouble peopple that in turn have already help out JB’s career. These “bad” guys as some of oyu like to call it have been out making music for long before JB came out, and he is famouse for coming song features with them.

  • cheryl

    selena is right he shouldn’t hang out with bad people

    • Anonymous

      but are they bad

  • Anonymous

    selena right

  • cheryl

    justin better not start rapping and getting tatted up.

  • Anonymous

    i don’t get why Selena has to choose who Justin hangs out with! i mean come on! it is his choice and i think the people who justin hang out with aren’t bad people (like Selena said) they have just have their ups and downs i mean everyone does so it is completley normal. Selena of course probably has and have always had a “perfect” life. she probably got what she always wanted and some people don’t always get what they want so Selena has to learn just to accept people the way they are.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with this completely. These boys and Selena have changed Justin to become more grown up. It was bound to happen but he is beginning to become more arrogant and self centered!!

  • chrystelle carter

    selena make justin cry when they broke up that selfish cow just because he hanging with people that she dosent like and it his life not hers. i feel so sorry for justin. selena is a heartbreaker and she not his mum

  • is this real tht JB just break wit selena?!@?!

  • tAleaH chLOe'

    dZ iS SooOOOo mUcH oF bUllShiT!!!!!! dEy mAkE an AmAzIng CoUplE. n Dey WiLL LLooK PAsT dz CrAp!!!!! LoL lOVE dM BoTh ToOW MuCh!!!!

  • Shannia

    Wow some of you people on here are just pathetic! Really your all like saying “stop hating on Selena you dont know her.” Well you dont know the owner of this site so stop hatting on her! really grow up you dont know where she gets her information!

  • eloise

    I love justin and selena together i dont see why people keep saying that they have broken up. Justin loves Selena and Selena loves Justin they will do anything for each other!X

  • Someone u dont need 2 know

    its soooo true. selena has done stuff like this before. this slut dont surprise me. she dont deserve 2 be famous. shes horrible ๐Ÿ˜›

  • marquisha wiley

    I feel so so bad fo justin god bless justin

  • Anonymous

    I honestly support Jelena, and I always have. There cute together and they do bring out the best in each other. But if people honestly believe she is “using him” your not correct. She is a nice girl, and always will be. She loves her fans, family and her boyfriend and she is only trying to the best for him so he doesn’t get into any trouble. She was just angry that he took someone she thought was trouble to one of her concerts. But what she also needs to understand is that she can’t exactly choose or say who his friends can and can’t be. He sees something in them that she doesn’t. He knows them well enough to hang out and chill with them, and I know that him and Sean Kingston have actually been friends for a while, so I don’t exactly know she just picked up on it now, but I think everyone should butt out of their lifes, Its their problems and has absoulutly nothing to do with you. If the break up so what? there only young, and at the moment its just puppy love, They believe now that their ment to be but when their older they will realise it isn’t actually what they want to do, so for know let them have their love for one another, and be happy that their happy.

  • Mrs. bieber

    Selena Gomez cant tell Justin who to hang out with and who to not hang out with


  • tori

    hye justin I’ve been trying to find the truth did you and selen break up sorry if you did any way there over girl out there for you can you tell me thank you ily xoxoxo

  • Ramala Bieber

    I hate wats her name….. Selelna thats it shes terrible love you justin big fan me a belieber

  • denise

    she isnt “horrible”, put yourself in her shoes. your boyfriend’s hanging out with all these bad people, what can you do?

  • bich you justen beber

  • kaylee

    how can i get ticked to see justin

  • Anonymous

    i love lil wayne more than justin bieber

  • Rochy

    yo la verdd tiene razon sele pero ndie puede elejirle los amigos a ndie pero ella no tuvo mla intencion solo cm es su nvio ella se preocupa asi cm justiin a ella y es re tierno q el llore i le diga q la ama xq el se da cuenta q ella se preocupa x el y dejen d criticar a sele es una chika muii wena y ella es mayor d edd y sabe mucho cnprando cn la edd d justin pero claro smpp criticando a sele wee ustedes no saben nda lo uniko q saben aser es criticarla es la mejooorr sele y justiiin los amooo …..โ™ฅ

  • Justin's Girl

    Justin does everything to make Selena happy and this is how Selena treats him? Poor Justin ๐Ÿ™

  • nikki

    justin beiber i hate your girlfriend , selena gomez .

  • otgonsuren

    i love justin