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Conan O’Brien reveals truth behind Justin Bieber paternity scandal

Forget about the DNA blood test. Conan’s peanuts explained how it really all went down that night Justin met Mariah Yeater.

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  • Patricia

    omg hahahahahaha -Dead- That was hillarious and awkward lol.

  • herpderp

    …i think conan’s story is a billion times more accurate

  • mary

    I love the part when he says mistletoe, mistletoe, mistletoe, mistletoe! hahahhaahaa

  • that was really distubing and awkward but hilarious

  • Emily

    mistletoe mistletoe mistletoe!! hahaha

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      what the hell does that mean ????

    • Mia

      English please.

  • Bieberchick3000

    Um.. that was a little awkward but definitely funny

  • dobre fot ku