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Selena Gomez talks Mariah Yeater & Justin’s pants on Ellen


Selena Gomez was on Ellen DeGeneres today talking about the Mariah Yeater scandal, how she can’t make Justin pull up his pants, and why she doesn’t seem as romantic as Justin. :p

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  • Patricia

    I like Selena but she seems like she’s really uncomfortable here. Like she doesn’t wanna talk about Justin or something. Cmon us beliebers don’t want Justin to pull up his pants. We like seeing his underwear but I guess Selena doesn’t. Im not a hater, I still think she looks cute and sweet here.

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    • AlyssaDavidson

      Ever sence selena and justin started to date, selena has tryed to change him, like his hair cut! she made him cut it, and the way he dress’s, and now she is telling him to pull his pants upp! justin heres a little tip, she dont love u of she is trying to change your life, i think its time to get ride of her!!!
      ohh and i am a hater on selenaa(:

      • Anonymous

        Thats just stupid, lol.
        “she dont love u she is trying to change you life”? pleeease..
        I dont think Selena would date him, if she didn’t love him..

      • selena cares about him and loves him if she didnt she would never want to be around him!!!!! and she didnt make him cut his hair he did it to make him look more mature!!!!!she is telling him to pull up his pant because she dont want his pants to fall all the way down and/or she doesnt want no girls looking at his underwear!!!!! would u want some other girls looking at your boyfriend’s underwear if you can get a boyfirnd by the way your hating!!!!
        that is all thank you for your time>=D

        • AlyssaDavidson

          ha ok so your starting shit over this website? saying i cant get a boyfriend? im sure i can get a boyfriend, so talk more shit bitch i dear ya.

        • indiaa

          are you seriously daring folks online. you are soo ignorrant. i just had to tell you how stupid you seem since nobody else would. as far as you telling other people “to talk more shit” I am ! were on a comp. bitch how do you expect anybody to take you serious. you dumb bitch.

      • Annjulie

        I agree but Im not a hater. Im just 14 years old I liked justin bieber when his hiar was long but Selena Gomez rooind him ok thats what I have to say I wish his her was long agen. Selena gomez is not right for him its just terabol right. If you agree I will be please. Did you girls out their think it was fine when Justin Bieber had his hiar down. I relly love that boy but hes not my type with his hiar cut.

      • Biebfan4ever

        Im a hater on selena too;) she so changed justin, I hate it.

        • AlyssaDavidson

          yeah like ever since they dated i hate her haha.

      • Spring

        Justin stinks selenas way to good for him he should pull up his pants we don’t wanna see his underwear and his haircut was the best thing that Ever happened to him selena here’s a tip for you ditch the 12 year old and get a real man I HATE THE BEIBS

        • AlyssaDavidson

          like really how old are ya?
          Grow upp i think you’r just jealus beause ya know he can WAY more then u EVER can so really grow up ightt bro?

        • SHUT UP and just and selena is perfect im a justin bieber fan but still people gro up

  • arianna

    im not hating but…you can’t tell or make justin pull up his pants that’s just him and if you don’t like it oh well deal with it 🙂 she doesn’t seem like she doesnt like talking about him. and what the hell happened about justin saying “shes not my type” and her saying “it would be illegal to date justin bieber”

    • Anonymous

      Its like… first the both of them were like “oh hes my brother and he was like ohh shes like my sister” and he also said that he wouldnt date her, he liked her as a sis but not more, ofc feelings can grow but why is it so hard for ’em both talkin about it. Its not that any interviewer are forcing them to tell all. They just ask a bit and they DO NOT expect them to tell stories and tell everyone whathe their doing. Its all up to them if they want to talk much or little but they both seem to hate to talk about eachother like its a game and when selly is on then justin is watching somewhere else so that he knows what she’ve said so next time he’s on an interview he says the kind of the same. LOL. For me this whoe Jelena thing IS A FREAKIN GAME. I have a bf so I am not jeleous of them. I just think its poor that they always say one thing but do another whenever there is a chance (meaning cameras and other sort of media.) Firs they tell everyone like ohh we dont want to talk about it and then next second there are all these pics of them – justin grabbing her butt or her “boobs” and all of the kissing SCENES. I just….Well It seems like Something must be wrong if they say that they want to keep it private but they dont…. LOL.

      • Anonymous

        I totally agree. She changed Justin. I LOVE him though.

  • debby

    Lol She Looks Like She Can Be His Mom

    • Anonymous

      To be honest I thought Justin looked HOT before he dated her.Now he ok hes still a great singer. maby she thought that if she change him no girl wauld like him. I LOVE Selena. she is a great actor and a great singer.

  • it won’t let me watch it

    • Anonymous

      Me too it said ( this is a privet video.) If they have it up there they should let you watch it. I mean come on!!

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  • Anonymous

    so freaking cute i can’t take it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      ikr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love it tooooo!!!!!!! LOVE JELENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XXX

  • Sam Marie

    The video got set to private

    • Biebfan4ever

      for me too!

  • Anonymous

    the picture is too cute. 🙂 lol.

  • Alex

    it says its private, please tell me what happens please D,:

    • Anonymous

      look it up on youtube. its not private up there. just search for selena gomez on ellen november 2011

  • Lilly

    Justin don’t need to change.
    We love him that way.

  • Anonymous

    it’s private….i cant watch it:(

  • Bella

    it’s private

  • Claudia Elena

    That’s the cuttest pic I’ve ever seen!LOVE!!!=THAT PIC

    • Anonymous

      Id love it more if it was me. 🙂

  • Dasia

    I wanna watch it but it said it was private 🙁

  • gabb

    that video is private, can you upload another one?

  • awwwww the picture is cute


    hey belieber please love selena i want u to wedding wit her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kim

    aww i cant see the video it says its private

  • Pamela

    Justin bieber looks way hotter with his short hair, his long her made him look like a little girl in primary school. I don’t like selena cause she stole my man and I don’t like the fact that she is trying to change him. N please she doesn’t like justin, she likes taylor deep inside. I love justin’s pants down, they look hot. Love u lots bieber for the rest of my life.

  • Adrianna

    Justin u and selena are a cute couple dont worry about what ppl think of u n her 2gather btw i luv ur new hair cut!!!!!!!! im a big fan of u and selena <3

  • carmila

    they totally love each other ,your hate won’t change anything.

  • sam

    what proves that selena loves biebr that she trusted him when maria yeater Accused him that he is her baby’s father