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Justin Bieber has big dreams. He’s got a big heart. And now he reveals he has something else that’s also big. Really BIG!

Bieberconda is a word we can all understand but up until now most people had no idea why fans call JB’s thingie “Jerry”. And now we know.

Apparently 29 years old Jerry Sokoloski is a 7ft 5in basketball player and the tallest man in Canada. Get the picture? Big!! Really big!!! lol

Asked if he measured up, Justin bragged:

“Yep! The fans named my penis Jerry, which is funny. Why Jerry? Um… Jerry was actually the largest man.”

Did Justin just say he has a very big penis? Yes! 😉
There you have it people! Jerry is GIGANTIC!! lmao


Justin Bieber’s pubes revealed in Cabo, Mexico Jan 7, 2012

WoooooW!! BIEBERGASMSMSMSMSMS!! Yesterday while on the beach in Cabo, Mexico Justin happened to pull his shorts too low while running revealing maybe too much and the paparazzi was right there to get the shot.

Is it hot or are you offended (it doesn’t show anything!). Your thoughts?


Justin Bieber Believe Tour Dates 2012 Annoucement moved here.


Took me a while to decide if I should make a post on this and even as I’m typing this I’m having second thoughts. But this is something JB’s gonna find out really soon so I thought you might be interested in what’s going on.

Alfredo Flores just posted a very interesting tweet to Justin:

@JustinBieber WAIT until I show you what I just found… OMG just wait. #DEAD -__- HINT: D.B.S

What Alfredo found was a blog on Tumblr called Dirty Bieber Secrets. There is no info on who runs it but it looks like someone who should be put in jail. What this site is is that it takes Justin Bieber’s fans submissions and posts them. These submissions are all sexual fantasies of what they want Justin to do to them. I can’t believe some perv would set up a website like this asking people to send in dirty thoughts of what they want from JB. It makes us Beliebers look bad if Justin finds out and Justin is gonna find out any minute now.

I want to post some of the things they post about Justin on here but I can’t find one that’s not so dirty. So what I’m gonna do is post just one example of what this site is all about. Warning to people who are young: You are gonna get grossed out. So if you don’t want to be grossed out do not put your mouse over the picture below:

I have a feeling this site will be taken down very soon. Either by the pressures of other Beliebers, by guilt, or by Tumblr themselves on the request of Justin.

UPDATE: I was right. Dirty Bieber Secrets has been taken down by Tumblr.


Wow! I can’t believe it. I can’t be sure but I think these pics where taken in Miami at Sean Kingston’s house. I’ll try to find more info on this but until then enjoy the pics.

Total of 69 pictures of Justin in his underwear here.

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Wow! Wow! Wow!!! Is this for real? Watch at 0:23. Justin not only gets a boner on stage while performing with Lil Twist Sunday night in Anaheim but he did a squeeze for all to see!!! lol

Do you think it’s real?