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justinbieber-chrisbrown-mayweatherLooks like the house party over the weekend was crazier than we all thought.

TMZ reports that the house had “20 big bootie strippers and the other girls that aren’t even strippers felt self-conscious wearing clothes, so they stripped down too!” What?

And Bieber was tipping like a pro — we’re told he had stacks of ones and made it rain all night, dumping more than $10,000 in cash on the girls. One dancer tells us she made $1,300 alone.

According to sources, Chris Brown, Floyd Mayweather, T.I., Trey Songz, and Snoop were there too.

As for booze and weed … we’re told there were 3 open bars and plenty of kush to go around.

oh my! I guess that’s how they party in Hollywood.


justin-bieber-house-party-calabasasJustin is currently home in Calabasas as he takes a small break from the Believe Tour. Over the weekend he invited 100 people over for a party and the neighbour who had previously accused JB of spitting on him wasn’t invited.

The neighbour called the police at 1am and reported that it was too noisy. The cops came and told Justin to keep the noise down and left.

The neighbour wouldn’t let it go so at 3am he called the cops again. The police once again came, apparently told the neighbour they could smell weed inside the house (which is to be expected because Snoop Dog was in da house!) but they left without any incident.

The neighbour wasn’t having it and at 5:30am calls the police again and told them he would file a police report against Justin for disturbing the peace.

“The cops will write a full report and then decide whether to send it on the L.A. County DA for possible prosecution.”

They are not going to prosecute him for a random party. First thing is Justin doesn’t have parties all the time for this to be a police concern and secondly if police start prosecuting every time someone complains about a party in Los Angeles, California then they better be ready to get A LOT of phone calls in the future. Ain’t gonna happen.

Also at the party was Chris Brown, Floyd Mayweather, and Poppa Biebs:


Below is footage taken right before the Floyd Mayweather boxing fight at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas on Sept 14, 2013.

Justin had entered the building through an employee entrance and stumbled upon a patrol bicycle in the hallway. TMZ said he “stole” the bike but really he just took it for a ride through the halls. He got in a little bit of trouble as you can see from the video but eventually all was good.


Websites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are huge on the internet and Justin is no stranger to such social media websites. He’s currently the most followed person on Instagram and second on Twitter. As I can remember it, Justin was the first real big celebrity to embrace Instagram and his promotion of it made Instagram an instant success.

So it’s no surprise that he has teamed up with a new social media network that’s about to launch.

According to Fortune, Justin has invested $1.1 million in a new social network called Shots of Me, created by the company RockLive. CEO John Shahidi said that JB tested the company’s mobile games and provided feedback, but that Shots of Me really grabbed his attention, especially after he was told that Shots of Me will be a social media network made especially for teens. Good timing because it’s been reported that teens are using Facebook less nowadays.

Maybe his friendship with Floyd Mayweather might have something to do with his new investment as Mayweather is also an investor in the company. But Mayweather would not have the influence that someone like Justin would on a site like this so it would be a win-win situation for both the company and Justin.

Hey if Instagram could sell for $1 billion dollars (to Facebook) in just a couple of years of business then maybe an investment in Shots of Me isn’t such a bad idea for JB after all.


justin bieber necklace gold koi fish mayweather

Justin Bieber rocked a golden diamond-encrusted fish around his neck at the Mayweather fight on Saturday that costs $20,000!!!

Sources tell us, the 14k gold “koi” fish — designed by celeb jeweler Ben Baller — boasts 14 carats of VVS diamonds all over (supposedly fancier than normal non-VVS diamonds). Even the chain is covered in 12 carats of diamonds. It’s unclear if the necklace was a gift or if Bieber paid for it himself.

FYI — Koi fish represent good luck.



Justin Bieber & Floyd Mayweather

Justin Bieber’s appearance with Floyd Mayweather last night was months in the making — and sources close to The Biebs tell TMZ … Justin feels his new “mentor” is really just “misunderstood.”

According to our sources, Mayweather asked Bieber four months ago to join him in Las Vegas for the Miguel Cotto fight … and Bieber, a huge boxing fan, jumped at the opportunity.

We’re told Floyd and Justin became friends after Floyd saw Justin’s movie, “Never Say Never,” and reached out to his camp. According to our sources, Floyd decided he wanted to mentor Justin and the two developed a relationship.

Our sources say Mayweather tried to impart his work ethic on Justin, basically telling him he could develop the same level of “greatness” Floyd achieved … if he worked as hard as Floyd did.

We’re told the two hit it off and Justin tells people he thinks Floyd is just misunderstood … and that he is a really a “hard-working and clean-cut guy.”

Several judges would disagree, but whatever …