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justin bieber nrj awards france 2012

Justin Bieber NRJ Awards Red Carpet in Cannes, France 2011

Justin Bieber NRJ Awards Red Carpet in Cannes, France 2011

Justin Bieber NRJ Awards Red Carpet in Cannes, France Jan 28, 2011

Justin Bieber NRJ Awards Red Carpet in Cannes, France Jan 28, 2011

The HAIR!! He still looks cute but the hair is so not working for me. Vanessa Price!

Much more pics of Justin at the NRJ Awards red carpet here.

justin bieber hair flip 2012

After honoring Michael Jackson today at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre Billy Bush caught up with JB backstage for an interview and as you can see there’s no doubt about it, Justin’s signature hair flip is officially back for 2012! Love it!

justin bieber and selena gomez shopping 2012

After coming back from Cabo, Mexico Justin decided to change his hair once again. From his appearance at the CES in Las Vegas it looked like his signature Swoosh/The Bieber Hair Flip style was back but it appears to be a one time thing as pictures taken while he was doing some shopping with Selena yesterday shows that his hair is not only darker, but shows a new and more mature style.

Justin Bieber's new hair color seems darker on Jan 14, 2012 in Encino, California

Whether it’s dyed or not I cannot tell for sure. It could just be that some people’s hair gets darker as they grow older or maybe JB dyed it darker to go with the more mature hairstyle. But the change in color was kinda big for such a short amount of time so I think it is likely dyed.

And Justin, put the alcohol down. #badass lol

What do you think?

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More pictures of Justin and Selena grocery shopping in Encino here.


Vanessa Price just did an interview with Elle.com where she talks about, among other things, her biggest client, Justin Bieber…

“It feels like silk,” stylist Vanessa Price says of the hair that makes millions of girls weak in their American Eagle–clad knees.

Two years ago, the music industry vet took her scissors to the mullety hair of a certain then 15-year-old YouTube phenom, snipping it into the side-swept glory known worldwide as Bieber Bangs (may they R.I.P.).

Today, Price and Justin Bieber are inseparable: “You’re the only one who’s allowed to cut my hair,” Bieber told Price. A week before his seventeenth birthday, Bieber was ready for a change, so Price pulled out her shears. “Teenage angst,” explains Price, who chopped the bangs “to death,” revealing not just a new look “suitable for a young man instead of a teenage boy,” but also unveiling his forehead. “The world had never seen it before!” The pop princeling also relies upon Price’s makeup skills to cover the occasional zit. (“He’s a teenager, he works hard—of course he gets breakouts,” she says.)

Justin’s coif never seems out of place. What’s your trick?
It’s all about the cut. Don’t fight the direction your hair grows. For side bangs, you need a cut that gradually goes from longer to shorter, but not drastically. Then it’s about the blow-dry. Justin’s hair is fine, so I don’t use a brush, just my hands. Thicker hair needs a brush to guide it into place.

On his days off from performing, does Justin style his own hair?
Yes. He loves his hair; he’s very proud of it. He pays insanely close attention to detail, so he knows how to make it look good. It’s not that he’s vain—he just gets it.

You seem to have mastered the no-makeup makeup look with Justin.
I just use a little concealer and powder. Justin naturally has beautiful, long lashes, so we don’t need to use any mascara—he’s genetically blessed with great hair.

Read the full interview here. (Thank you Jessie of Elle.com)


Those who didn’t find the first line of Justin Bieber dolls to be swoon-worthy enough are in luck. After the first wave of the pop star’s collectible figures flew off of toy store shelves in December, a new set of Bieber dolls will be released in August — this time with a more lifelike version of his signature swoop haircut.

Manufacturer The Bridge Direct, Inc. and merch company Bravado announced today (Feb. 8) that they’ll first unveil the Justin Bieber “Real Hairstyle” dolls from Feb. 13-16 at the American International Toy Fair, which runs in New York on the same weekend that Bieber’s 3D movie, “Never Say Never,” hits theaters.