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jasmine villegas kissing justin bieber

If you’re still iffy whether Justin ever really dated Jasmine Villegas then this should clear up all confusion. In a brand new interview Jasmine comes clean and confirms that it wasn’t just an innocent kiss in the back of the Honda but that Justin was indeed her boyfriend back in the days. Maybe that’s why Justin and Jinsu don’t like each other much.


justin bieber kissing jasmine villegasJustin Bieber kissing Jasmine Villegas

jasmine villegas justin bieber date


Justin did a radio interview with Mike Missanelli the other day and talked more about Selena then he usually does. Kinda strange considering Mike’s radio show is all about sports. Looks like he did this impromptu interview in exchange for season tickets for his friend Tom Boyd from Philadelphia.

Finally he admits that Jasmine Villegas was his girlfriend (when he met Selena Gomez. Ouch!)

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jasmine villegas kissing justin bieber

Jasmine Villegas — the 17-year-old singer who sucked face with Justin Bieber in the back of a Honda last year (below) — just obtained a restraining order against an obsessed 33-year-old man who allegedly offered to pay someone $5,000 to kill her.

A judge in L.A. County Superior Court issued the temporary order on Tuesday, requiring Steven Cintron to stay 100 yards away from Jasmine and her family until a hearing later this month.

According to the docs, Cintron sent Jasmine THOUSANDS of messages from 2009-2011 — including 75 YouTube videos — and in one particularly disturbing clip … he offered $5,000 to anyone who would kill her.

But that’s just the beginning — Jasmine claims, “In a couple of the videos, he has appeared holding deadly weapons, i.e. a gun, machete knives stating that he was going to find me, rape me, and kill me.”

According to Jasmine, Cintron also sent her a Twitter message along with a schedule of her performances, writing, “You’re dead Jasmine. I swear to God I’m going to kill you. I will blow your f**king head off bitch.”

Jasmine — who also starred in Bieber’s “Baby” video — claims Steven has also threatened to kill her mom, her current boyfriend, and her little brother … and the singer has been living in constant “panic mode.”

Shocker … the restraining order also blocks Cintron from contacting Jasmine on the Internet, and posting any more YouTube videos about her.



Someone’s a famewhore! “How to Get Famous 101.” Lesson 1: Pick a fight with the world’s most famous teenager.

Some kid rapper named Jinsu decided to start a Twitter feud with Justin Bieber. Big no-no, dude. I guess he’s dating Justin’s ex Jasmine Villegas (yes, the girl from the “Baby” video) or something and Jinsu whathisface decided to make comments that were not directly aimed at Biebs, but were obviously about him. He targeted Justin’s current girlfriend Selena Gomez too.


How classy! This is a photo of the clown

And here is how it started. Jinsu tweeted:

Im the young best rapper out.. Ask around.. Aint NOBODY FUCKING WITH ME…

Insert stupid retweets like this:

@SQJINSU the haters are dumb.Selena is better than Jasmine?! OH HELL NO! Jasmine is better.

and this

Jasmine and @SQJINSU are the cutest couple, Justin and Selena could learn a thing or two about them. so presh, wish them the best. ♥

Then he wrote this sh*t:

I aint hating on selena at alll.. Thats my opinion iight.. Sooo keep the hate coming hahahaha.. Thank you.. I love youuuuuuuu sooooo much 😉

it doesnt matter.. Because im just doing me.. The funny thing about it none of that other side would say shit to me in person lmao

Dude, shutup. Please.

Obviously, Justin got wind of it and wasn’t too happy. He tweeted:

Some People Just Want Attention. Go Sell Some Records Bro Lol

And Maybe Get Some Followers With Out My Name In Theirs Before Talking  [continue reading…]

OMG Justin Bieber kissing new girlfriend Jasmine Villegas

International 16-year-old pop sensation Justin Bieber, discussing the kiss he laid on tour opener and “Baby” co-star Jasmine Villegas. The smooch was caught by a photographer and the picture circulated quite a bit, which is one of the many aspects that made Bieber one of the “10 Most Fascinating People of 2010,” the special hosted by Barbara Walters that will be airing this Thursday night (December 9). When Walters pushed Bieber about the photos and asked whether or not he was currently dating Villegas, he simply said, “It’s just a kiss.”

A few months ago, Bieber talked about the difficulty of maintaining any kind of relationship at the moment. “I mean, girlfriends are trouble at this age,” he told MTV News. “Girls are fun to hang out with but, like, having that one steady girl … we’re constantly traveling and one girl’s not gonna really [work]. You can’t really have one girl. I don’t really have any crushes at the moment. … Right now, the best thing is [that we’re] just teenagers having fun doing what we love. We’re just staying ourselves and remaining humble.”

Bieber joins Sarah Palin, the cast of MTV’s “Jersey Shore,” new “American Idol” judge Jennifer Lopez, comeback actress Betty White, princess-to-be Kate Middleton, Oscar winner Sandra Bullock and controversial professional basketball star LeBron James as the rest of the most fascinating people of the year.



Justin Bieber “The Today Show” appearance Nov 26, 2010

OMG!! This is the first time he refused to answer the girlfriend question. Why?

If he didn’t have someone (cough Jasmine V) then he would have said “no”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What happened to “single and ready to mingle”?? Mingle damnit! Mingle!