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TMZ caught up with Justin a day after his house party as he strolled the Fairfax district of Los Angeles and asked him about the party.

justin bieber fisker karma

The singer was spotted arriving in style for lunch at a Mexican restaurant with a friend before zooming off in the bright sunshine, which reflected off the striking vehicle.

Despite the highly noticeable car, Justin seemed keen not to be recognised, and spent much of the time with his baseball cap pulled down over his eyes as he returned to the vehicle with a male friend.

The singer wore typically casual clothes, sporting a red and white jacket, black trousers and white trainers.

He later headed to rehearsals for Sunday night’s Billboard awards which will see him perform.

Shy guy: Justin Bieber seemed keen to remain unrecognised today, keeping his baseball cap pulled down over his eyes as he left the restaurant.

justin bieber girl in boyfriend video

Guess the reason why we only have seen sneak peaks is because the video isn’t finished yet. Justin shot part of the video for his new song Boyfriend today in Los Angeles. JB wore a black and red plaid vest over a white tee-shirt with black jeans and boots as he took time in between shots to high-five and chat it up with the crew.

Later swapping into an all-black ensemble, Justin could be seen getting cozy with a brunette cutie who looked strikingly similar to his girlfriend, Selena Gomez.

More pictures here including Selena Gomez on set hugging Justin like there’s no tomorrow.

justin bieber kobe bryant favorite lakers

In an interview after the Lakers game the other day, Justin reveals his favorite Lakers is Kobe Bryant who he’s been friends with for a while now.

justin beiber selena gomez kissing lakers game april2012

Talk about pressure! Justin and Selena caught the Lakers game tonight at the Staples Center and they kissed for the Kiss Cam. It seemed really cute cause they  felt pressured to kiss because they showed them on the monitor with hearts around them with “KISS ME!” (top pic). What else can they do? lol

If you’re wondering how they could get from the studios of DWTS and The Voice that quickly to catch the game, I bet it’s because their appearances on the shows today were pre-recorded.

A lot more pictures here. Looking at the pictures it seems like Justin was everywhere. Sitting courtside, sitting in the stands, sitting with the announcers.

justin bieber wax figure madame tussauds

Yet another wax figure of JB was unveiled today, just in time for his birthday. This time it’s at the Madame Tussauds in Hollywood. This is the one where Justin went to with Ryan Butler and they gave them a tour of the place. The one I said actually looks like JB unlike the rest.

Alisha Purdom kissing wax figure of Justin Bieber at Madame Tussauds

The picture above is of 14-year-old Alisha Purdom, of Seattle, Washington who won the Madame Tussauds contest to find Justin’s biggest fan. Kinda sucks that she didn’t get to actually meet the real Justin seeing that he’s also in Los Angeles too. But then again it is his birthday and he’s got a really busy schedule today so it’s understandable.

jaxon justin bieber selena gomez 2012

I guess we can now confirm he isn’t in Stratford lol.

Justin and Selena Gomez brought Jaxon (and Jazmyn) out for lunch at the Benihana Japanese restaurant today (Feb 18, 2012) in Los Angeles.