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TMZ, always the bearer of bad news…

Back on June 5, Justin had his friends take a Miami paparazzi’s camera. Justin didn’t steal the camera but he did take the sim card out and kept it. I’m not sure what went on but above is a recording of the incident. Now the photographer, Gustavo Garces, wants to sue and had his lawyer forward a letter to Justin’s management informing them that he needs the sim card back as evidence in the lawsuit. Below is the letter.

justin-bieber-gustavo-garces-tmzWhen you’re rich everyone wants a piece.

justin bieber miami april 2012

Justin Bieber landed in Miami yesterday (April 12, 2012) on his way to St Andrew’s school in Baca Raton to meet some students on behalf of Pencils of Promises. Ps…. Selena is with him!

justin bieber meeting fans in miami 2012

For the last week Justin Bieber has been recording his new album Believe at a Miami recording studio called The Hit Factory. Fans have been camping out there hoping to see Justin as he’s been doing that earlier this week (shirtless skateboarding bonanza). Well it’s been reported that the owner of that recording studio called the police on the girls camped outside for creating a ruckus.

Monday night, Feb 6, the owner was afraid of another crazy Bieber-obsessed mob … and in a hilarious overreaction, he called the cops and demanded all the young girls be arrested claiming they have already caused him $10,000 in damages earlier in the week.

The girls pled their case, trying to explain why it was absolutely imperative they be allowed to stay — as one explained,

“Justin is amazing! He’s everything!I touched his hand! He smells like cotton candy!!!”

The cop accepted his complaint and instructed the girls to keep out of the street and stay quiet.

Promising to be good, another girl replied,

“We’re not gonna scream. We’re gonna scream low.”


shirtless justin bieber sexy 2012

Justin Bieber in The Hit Factory Studios (on his way to work on #BELIEVE) in Miami on February 3, 2012 at 12:00a.m. Skateboarding & shirtless (: Fans everywhere !!! ♥

You guys in Miami are sooo lucky I swear! And he’s shirtless! -dead-

justin bieber skateboarding in miami 2012

This is a video of Justin skateboarding outside The Hit Factory in Miami the other day at 2 AM in the morning.

kim kardashian justin bieber miami 2012

Kim Kardashian was in Miami to look for a new DASH store, and while she was there, she decided to pay a visit to her ol’ boyfriend pal Justin Bieber.

The reality star was seen at The Hit Factory recording studio in North Miami Beach where Bieber is working with record producer Timbaland, although neither of the pair publicly mentioned their hook up on Twitter.

Kimmy was wearing her skin-tight nude dress for the meeting. Wonder why they kept their meeting a secret?


Well now that we know Justin isn’t on his way to the Dominican Republic, it’s safe to say that JB is still in Miami recording his new album. To make up for the wrong info I gave earlier, I’m going to answer the question I’ve been getting from several people (so that the stalking may continue lol).

The question was: Which studio is Justin recording at in Miami where he’s been taking pictures with fans?

justin bieber meeting fans 2012 justin bieber miami 2012 meets fans outside studio

If you’re in the Miami area and want to meet Justin then you can find him at The Hit Factory in North Miami Beach. The address is 1996 NE 150 Street. This is the studio where he’s been working with Timbaland, where he was pictured skateboarding, and met with Lil Wayne. Good luck!