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Justin takes the Bieber hair flip to a whole new level.

justin bieber nrj awards france 2012

Justin Bieber NRJ Awards Red Carpet in Cannes, France 2011

Justin Bieber NRJ Awards Red Carpet in Cannes, France 2011

Justin Bieber NRJ Awards Red Carpet in Cannes, France Jan 28, 2011

Justin Bieber NRJ Awards Red Carpet in Cannes, France Jan 28, 2011

The HAIR!! He still looks cute but the hair is so not working for me. Vanessa Price!

Much more pics of Justin at the NRJ Awards red carpet here.

justin bieber hair flip 2012

After honoring Michael Jackson today at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre Billy Bush caught up with JB backstage for an interview and as you can see there’s no doubt about it, Justin’s signature hair flip is officially back for 2012! Love it!

justin bieber and selena gomez shopping 2012

After coming back from Cabo, Mexico Justin decided to change his hair once again. From his appearance at the CES in Las Vegas it looked like his signature Swoosh/The Bieber Hair Flip style was back but it appears to be a one time thing as pictures taken while he was doing some shopping with Selena yesterday shows that his hair is not only darker, but shows a new and more mature style.

Justin Bieber's new hair color seems darker on Jan 14, 2012 in Encino, California

Whether it’s dyed or not I cannot tell for sure. It could just be that some people’s hair gets darker as they grow older or maybe JB dyed it darker to go with the more mature hairstyle. But the change in color was kinda big for such a short amount of time so I think it is likely dyed.

And Justin, put the alcohol down. #badass lol

What do you think?

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More pictures of Justin and Selena grocery shopping in Encino here.


In February 2011 Justin Bieber had a haircut that generated headlines around the world.

Justin donated part of the hair to US TV star Ellen Degeneres who auctioned it on eBay to raise money for her favourite charity, the Gentle Barn.

However the bulk of the hair was donated to Justin’s favourite charity, Pencils of Promise. Pencils of Promise in turn contacted Paul Fraser Collectibles whom acquired the hair in return for a sizeable donation that will be used to build a new school and increase educational opportunities in the developing world.

Paul Fraser commented, “It is one of those rare times when you can say it is truly a win-win situation for everyone involved, and an opportunity for all our customers to secure a special piece of memorabilia, and help a charity along the way..”

The hair is now to be offered for sale in individual pieces allowing Bieber fans around the world to own the ultimate personal piece of Bieber memorabilia.

In addition all purchasers will also be entered into a free prize draw with the opportunity to win a genuine signed photo of the pop superstar himself.



Google has been the home for strange Internet searches for a long time and now they compiled a list of 2011’s most searched haircuts. You can guess who made number 1, but then again some of you might be surprised by it as well. Justin Bieber’s haircut is the most searched haircut for this year. But a fellow former kid star is right behind him, Emma Watson. Here is the full list if you are curious as for who was all named.

  1. Justin Bieber
  2. Emma Watson
  3. Jennifer Aniston
  4. Jim Jones
  5. Kim Kardashian
  6. Soulja Boy
  7. Kate Winslet
  8. Lil Wayne
  9. Dorothy Hamil
  10. Meagen Good

Not bad for three of them to be as followed as they are. Justin’s new look was surprising, but I think most people knew he wanted to change his look to something more polished at one point. As for Emma’s haircut, that was surprising but we all have learned to like it. It really has become her trademark look now, it does help make her look more mature. Kim’s beauty is always a trending topic, so no surprise here.


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selenagomezjustinbieber 2011

Selena Gohome just did an interview with Seventeen magazine where she talks about Justin saying that the reason she’s so much more open about her relationship with JB compared to her past boyfriends is because she wants to explore herself.

17: You’ve been very private with your relationships in the past, but with Justin, you’ve been more open—you even coordinated Oscars outfits.

SG: I know. That was our prom.

17: Was there a corsage involved?

SG: No, but there should have been!

17: Is there a reason you’ve decided to be more open this time around, with Justin?

SG: I don’t like hiding. I do like to keep certain things to myself, but at the end of the day, I’m eighteen, and I’m going to fall in love. I’m going to hang out with people, and I’m going to explore myself, and I’m okay with that.

17: Since you are more open, you’ve obviously been through a tough time with Justin’s fans. Do you remember being younger, and being a fan with a crush?

SG: Are you kidding me? I’m still thinking Zac Efron’s my husband.

17: Well we hear he’s on the market…

SG: No. I wouldn’t touch that. I love Vanessa [Hudgens] way too much.

17: Do you have anything you wish you could say to Justin’s fans now?

SG: I do see the passion that a lot of these girls have, and it’s beautiful. I love it. I really do. It’s special.


Something tells me if Zac Efron was to ever ask her out she would dump JB in a heartbeat. You know Zac is more her type. Besides, she seems to really love Zac’s hair but with Justin’s hair? Not so much….


Well guess we can now say mission accomplished.

And the wide-eye at 0:17? That says a lot. She can’t stand Justin’s hair and signature hair flip. And the tone in her voice when she said “but that’s his trademark, gotta love it” sounds like she is fed up. We see how much you love it Selena.